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Midori Creates encounter moments, around great food.

Image of a wheat wrap topped with some rocket salad, corn, red onions, and yellow paprika

We bring the experience that you search in your private-life into your work-life. Create informal and formal coffee meetings and bring silo’s down by connecting with your team.

  • Providing fresh, whole ingredients, empowering food (flavourful & nutritious)
  • Easy access, convenience, work/life balanced food that fits into your busy schedule
  • Happy places for creating moments, bring people closer to connect, boost creativity and teamwork.

Midori offers a special selection of healthy balanced meals. Our cuisine focuses on fresh vegetables with yummy flavours to create a real experience with organic and vegetarian ethics. Our Chefs use fresh Belgian products delivered daily from around the country to prepare the dishes, which change week by week.

Enjoy a wide range of fresh food for your next meetings & events delivered directly to your office.

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Next delivery available: Monday 22 July