Re-connect with your team over food

midori group box ,prepacked power bowls, on green background

Flavorful & nutritious

We believe that food has to be good, to make you feel good. Our nutritious balanced and flavorful meals are prepared in our in-house kitchen by talented chefs.

Individually packed

Individually packed salads, bowls and sandwiches offering healthy and convenient lunch solutions for every day of the week, whether you’re at the office or working from home.

Safely produced

Our production approach exceeds today’s mandatory food safety standards.

Stress-free group lunch

Right now, finding a safe way to get lunch is a hard nut to crack. Nobody wants to be standing in line waiting for a sandwich and sharing food with your co-workers is no longer an option. But we all need to eat, right? And food is the best way to reconnect people when they are back at the office.

Our group box does just that. Individually packed meals to nurture your team.

midori group box ,prepacked power bowls, on green background

How group ordering works

Place order


Don’t know what your co-workers want for lunch? Set up a group lunch and let them make the choice. Or just order your Group Box, if you already know what you need.

Cooked & Packed


We do our magic, making sure your food is on its way all safely prepared and clearly labeled per person in a thermo box.

Ready for pick-up


Your lunch is ready for pick-up at the Midori Hub closest to you. Prefer to have it delivered at your office? No problem!

Unwrap & enjoy


There’s nothing else to do other than enjoy your lunch and the people you are eating it with.

Set up Group Lunch
For colleagues
Order Group Box
For companies
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Create business moments that matter

You're having clients coming over or looking for a more upscale business lunch experience? Spice up your meetings and corporate events with the right food & beverage assortiment. Choose one of our catering packages to set the mood (all served on nice porcelain plates and bowls).

Visit a Midori Hub

Visit one of our 6 Midori Hubs to take-out a delicious lunch or eat-in at one of our locations.

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