Orders & Subscriptions

We deliver every day from Monday to Friday.

Of course. You can enter all the details via our order platform. If you order once, you will receive the invoice immediately after your order has been delivered. If you have a subscription with Midori, you will receive the invoice at the end of the month.

Delivery on Monday = order on Friday, before 11am
Delivery on Tuesday = order on Friday, before 11am
Delivery on Wednesday = order on Friday before 11am
Delivery on Thursday = order on Tuesday before 11am
Delivery on Friday = order on Tuesday before 11am

If you have a complaint, question or comment about a delivery, please contact us via [email protected]

Ingredients & Recipes

We work with a weekly changing menu : you can find the details of the menu in the description of the product. Please note that the delivery date entered at check-out will determine which weekly menu you will receive.

It gives you just more menu options, for example if you order more than once within the same week.

Our catering formulas are always contain a good mix of veg/vegan and non-veg items. In case of dietary requirements (glutenfree/vegan), please have a look at our ‘individual takeaway options’.

We always use fresh products and to guarantee the optimal quality and taste of our meals. We recommend consuming the dishes within 1 day.

Practically it’s possible to place an order on our website before 13.12 or after 23.12. However, your order will most likely be cancelled. Get in touch with us, to discuss possibilities.

Delivery & Costs

The minimum order value of the order is 100 €. Your order will be cancelled afterwards if this minimum hasn’t been reached.

18,5€ based on postal codes below: 

1000 – 1030- 1040 – 1050 – 1060 – 1070 – 1080 – 1081 – 1082 – 1083 – 1090 – 1140 – 1150 – 1160 – 1170 – 1180 – 1190 – 1200 – 1210 – 1702 – 1831 – 1930 – 2000 – 2018 – 2140 – 2600

28,5€ based on postal codes below:

2020 – 2100 – 2150 – 2160 – 2170 – 2550 – 2610 – 2640 – 2650 – 2660

Other zones: Calculate: 30 €/h + 0,5 €/km

For the time being we deliver in and around Antwerp and Brussels. Are you from another region? Contact us at [email protected]

We deliver before 12:30pm.

  • All meals are delivered cold, via refrigerated transport.
  • We deliver most catering formulas in large bowls for sharing.
  • Reheating instructions are given when applicable.
  • You can choose the packaging of your food: “Porcelain Bowl”, “Tupperware” and “Disposable Packaging”. Additional fees may be added if we have to come back to pick up the bowls and/or Tupperware after your meeting/event.
  • Plates and cutlery are not provided.

Next delivery available: Thursday 14 December