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We fit food right into your new work/life reality with the flavourful nutritious meals we’ve become known for. Individually packed salads, bowls and sandwiches to take with you, offering healthy and convenient lunch or dinner solutions for every day of the week, whether you’re at the office or at home.

Food tastes better when it’s fresh. We let Mother Nature determine which ingredients we should eat and when. We work with talented chefs and an innovative research team that puts a lot of energy and love into finding and creating the perfect recipes. By changing our menu every season, you know exactly what to expect and we can offer much more variety on the menu too.

Catering for moments that matter

Give that extra flavour to important events and meetings with the right food & beverage assortiment. For any occasion - whether it’s a breakfast meeting, a product launch or an after-work drink - we offer the best experience as a solution for you and your team.

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Midori for business

Rather looking for a regular moment to re-connect with colleagues (daily, weekly, monthly .. )?

Discover our Group Box or contact us at and we’ll whip up the right food concepts to empower your co-workers.

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