Eat together / Thrive together

Our mission is to connect people around tasty and healthy food.

We feed employee’s hunger and nurture a sense of community within the company. 

A changing workplace needs a new type of food and spaces tailored to every moment and setting. Our Food delivered to your company and our Restaurants keep people productive inspired and connected.

Connect around good food

They Trust us

Midori offers a special selection of healthy balanced meals. Our cuisine focuses on fresh vegetables with yummy flavours to create a real experience with organic and vegetarian ethics.

Our Chefs use fresh Belgian products delivered daily from around the country to prepare the dishes, which change according to the season. 

Enjoy a wide range of fresh food for your next meetings/events delivered directly to your office.

Order your business lunch online

Order your business lunch online

Treat your clients and staff with heathy food delivered to your company!

Do you need a business Lunch for your Clients or an individual meals for a Team day?
Order our perfect range of Tasty business lunches for your next meeting.

Boost your events with the right food & beverage range

Consider thinking about your event food as the fuel that drives your attendees. 

Click the button below and send us your request. We will help you to choose the best creative, healthy, and Tasty meal options for your event.

Boost your events
Our restaurants

Our restaurants

Click below and Discover the different places we are running inside the walls of our clients. A space where people can connect around great food.

Midori Smart Fridges

Our smartfridge offer a tasty & personalised range of healthy and fresh meals, desserts, and drinks 24/7.

Hungry or thirsty?

Open our app quickly or let yourself be surprised and walk to the fridge!

Interested in our fridges your company?

Smart Fridge

What our clients say

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for our company. To that end, we are passionate about meeting and surpassing the expectations of our varied clientele. But don’t take our word for it, listen what our customers have to say.

Lieke Hoeijmans

Marketing Coordinator

“Everything went really well!
The food was very good and definitely met our expectations. 
The Midori team was also very attentive and nice to work with.

Maxime Leysen


It is important for me to eat healthy everyday so I feel great all day.
Thank you Midori. 
Healthy Food!
Great Team!

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