This Week

Arts56 • 03-09/10/22



Soup of the day – 25cl / 50cl 

+ bread  I  butter


Tartine Old Bruges Cheese, mustard mayo, pickles & rucola
Tartine Harissa Chicken, cucumber, carrot & rucola 

Wrap white cheese, roasted beetroot, pear, rucola & balsamic cream 

Wrap chicken minty mayo, pickled veggies, zesty cabbage & spinach 

Powerbowls I make your own

Homemade Falafel [ VE ] I  Pumpkin ricotta pattie [ VEG ] I  Chili lime chicken


Couscous salad w. pickled carrot & red onion, parsnip, celeriac & sweet & spicy tahini

Bulgur w. chili roasted sprouts, savory peanuts, spring onion & leek

Sweet Potato Wedges

Cabbage slaw w. ginger & soy

Green beans w. hazelnut dukkah 

Roasted beetroot w. baked orange 


Za’atar Hummus  I  Harissa Mayo

Hot bowls I to reheat at home

Thai red curry w. chicken, autumn roasted vegetables & steamed rice

Pasta w. creamy sauce w. capers , zesty jerusalem artichokes & parmesan [ VEG ]

Chicken tagine w. green olives, preserved lemon & potato

Next delivery available: Thursday 14 December