Convenient and nutritious lunch solutions for your employees, wherever they work.

Midori provides healthy meals for your employees in the office. Individually packed salads and comfort bowls for reheating, or large bowls for sharing. And with the Remote Box they can now also order meals for at home.

Midori Daily

Individually wrapped salads and comfort bowls (for reheating) for a nutritious and convenient lunch every day of the week.

Midori Gastro

Servings to be scooped individually from larger bowls. Perfect for a team lunch and to rediscover the power of food to bring colleagues back together.

Midori Remote Box

Assortment for lunch and dinner, individually packed or as a "family pack". Ideal for the days when employees work from home and they don't want to waste time cooking.

Features of our meals

Delivered cold

All meals are delivered cold, via refrigerated transport. Our Comfort Bowls and Gastro Boxes can be easily heated in the microwave.

Between 10am and 12pm

We deliver every day between 10am and 12pm.

Every weekday

We deliver our bowls and Remote Boxes every day of the week. We only deliver our Gastro Boxes and Comfort Packs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Small and big appetite

Our Power and Comfort Bowls are individually prepackaged meals. The Gastro Boxes can be ordered in trays of 4 portions.

Freshly prepared

Our chefs always work with fresh and seasonal ingredients, so that you always get the most tasteful lunch.

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“As a dynamic international company, Midori enables us to bring people of different cultures together around food, wherever we work.”
- Virginie Van Antwerpen, HR Manager, Wolf Oil Corporation

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What do I need at home to heat up the meals.

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