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Mechelsesteenweg 271

Mon - Fri :
11h - 15h (members)
12h- 14h (non-members)

Hungry for a change - that’s how we met. One shared vision and a wonderful workspace with buzzing vibe made the collaboration with Fosbury and Sons a fact.

We’re aligned, both putting co-working and a healthy environment first. Fosbury & Sons empowers us to connect people through food, to make business moments reality by offering venues for all kinds of events and meetings. But most of all, to keep people happy and well-fed. After all, when we eat together, we thrive together.

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From any occasion - whether it’s a breakfast meeting, a product launch or an after-work drink - we offer the best shareable experience as a solution for you and your team.

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Midori for business

Rather looking for a regular moment to re-connect with colleagues (daily, weekly, monthly .. )?

Discover our Group Box or contact us at canteen@midori.eu and we’ll whip up the right food concepts to empower your co-workers.

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